Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Things have been crazy! But, what else is new, right? Grant got his driver's license on July 18th. He passed on the very 1st try. Praise God! Kevin made a deal with a guy (swapped some stuff) for a 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 ext cab pickup. It is black & has the pipes that go "vroom vroom" (which apparently is a BIG deal to guys). The engine was locked up, back glass was shattered, missing tail lights, etc. It's been a great project for them (and Ricky). They put a good used engine in it, replaced the glass, lights, etc. and it was a good looking truck. It's pretty scratched up like the previous owner drove it through the woods all the time or something. Grant was proud of it & LOVED driving it. The fact that he had no job & the truck gets 13 mpg didn't slow him down in the slightest.

Then on August 3rd, 3 weeks after he got his license, I got the dreaded phone call "Mom, I just had a wreck". He & his friends were not injured, other than sore from the impact. Praise God! It totalled the other guy's truck. Grant got his first ticket for failure to yield to oncoming traffic. And here we go............

Luckily the bed of his truck took the biggest hit. Kevin hammered it out the best he could but it looks like crushed metal (which is what it is). He's still driving it & we are in no hurry to fix it. Kevin says that maybe when people see it, they will be afraid to get too close him. Ha ha!

I will never understand how 2 people can come from the same parents, be raised in the same home with the same rules & be sooooo different. Cole has always driven like an old man. Grant drives like.... a 16 year old boy. Cole was never very social & preferred just staying home. Grant wants to be everywhere, al the time, with everybody. He is so afraid that he's going to miss out on something. He was blowing through $$$ (MY $$$) like there was unlimited supply! I've always had a hard time saying "no" to anybody, especially my children.

But, Praise God, he is now an employee of Homeland. He got his first paycheck last weekend. And between church, school and working about 20 hours a week, he's too busy and too tired to be running around too much. God is so GOOD!



  1. yay!! so proud of grant and his new job. that will def slow him down some and teach his some responsibility:) you have some great kids. it is funny to think how different they are though-ha!! love you cuz!!!

  2. Wait. Grant is DRIVING??? Time is speeding by way too fast!